McGlinchey is pleased to announce the launch of the Green Leaf Brief, the home of articles and insights from attorneys in McGlinchey’s Cannabis Industry Group. 

It examines the legal issues impacting the marijuana, hemp, and ancillary business communities, covering everything from licensing and operations, employment, and taxes, to investments, banking and finance, real estate, insurance, and intellectual property.

“This area of law is rapidly evolving and growing, in both its increasing geographic scope and the types of businesses it impacts,” said Heidi Urness, Chair of McGlinchey’s Cannabis Industry Group. “Industry stakeholders, from licensees to ancillary companies and financers, are looking for guidance. Our diverse national team has the comprehensive combination of knowledge and experience that businesses and individuals rely on to navigate this highly regulated industry.”

The Green Leaf Brief already hosts more than 50 cannabis-centered articles covering issues ranging from employment to insurance, tax, and transportation. McGlinchey’s Cannabis team harnesses a nationally recognized reputation and a footprint spanning the United States to help businesses enter, navigate, and grow within new and emerging cannabis markets. McGlinchey lawyers know the ins and outs of these complex frameworks, have the experience to navigate the changing legal landscapes, and identify the opportunities available for industry participants.

“As the laws continue to evolve, and more businesses expand into the industry, McGlinchey stands ready to provide industry-leading counsel,” said Michael Ferachi, McGlinchey’s Managing Member. “The firm’s focus and depth representing highly regulated entities, paired with our experience advising companies in all stages of the business lifecycle in securing funding, real estate, intellectual property, and tax matters, position us uniquely to provide clients with robust, reliable, dynamic counsel on the matters at issue in this complex, rapidly expanding field.”