Based on recent events, it seems likely marijuana will be rescheduled under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) sometime this year. While many industry experts have discussed the impacts in recent months, many questions still remain with respect to how the rescheduling of marijuana could impact federal trademarks and state

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Last month (July 2019), the manufacturer of the popular candy Sour Patch Kids (Mondelëz Canada Inc., or MCI) filed a trademark lawsuit against the makers of “Stoney Patch” Sour & Sweet Jelly Candies – which are THC-infused gummies – in federal court. While information regarding the lawsuit is sparse, including

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The laws applicable to the advertising of legal cannabis and legal cannabis businesses are some of the most rapidly evolving not only in Washington state but also across the country.

I. Cannabis Advertising Law Overhaul 

Mass confusion resulted over these regulations in Washington state in the spring of 2017 when 

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Clients often request legal advice with respect to registering and protecting their trademarks and brands. All businesses, large and small, should consider the importance and value of trademarks to the success of their business. Below we discuss some of the basic issues that business owners and entrepreneurs should know with

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