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A hard lesson was learned after cannabis was discovered in a suitcase at the airport: the government does not have to prove cannabis is marijuana to convict you of trafficking in marijuana. A new case recently clarified that the legal burden shifts and requires the accused to produce evidence that

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This is the second installment in a three-part series exploring issues in cannabis and bankruptcy. In this episode, we’ll dive into bankruptcy protections available to businesses, including a case in which the Bankruptcy Court rejected a categorical prohibition for all debtors with any connection to marijuana.
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The increasing number of states legalizing marijuana for both recreational and medical use raises critical questions regarding if and how insurance coverage should be made available with respect to auto or other general property and casualty insurance claims involving damages or injuries that occur when a person is under the influence of marijuana.
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MedMen – a Canadian corporation, and one of the best-known names in marijuana – recently made headlines for pulling an old trick: attempting to avoid making nearly $1,000,000 of lease payments based on marijuana’s illegal status under federal law.
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Tax season is nearly upon us. As cannabis businesses and the professionals who advise them can expect, navigating the variations and even direct conflicts that exist between and among the state and federal authorities that govern a cannabis business’s respective tax filings can be treacherous.
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We often look to the federal judiciary as the gold standard of American jurisprudence. However, when it comes to the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, the federal judiciary has been anything but consistent.
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The United States Court of International Trade recently issued an opinion on whether a company in Washington state could import drug paraphernalia, specifically cannabis-trimming equipment. That case, Eteros Technologies USA vs. United States, concerns “the interplay between the federal and state systems, specifically the Washington State system, governing

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The trend to legalize the medical and recreational use of marijuana continues to blaze through the states, but federal law — and bankruptcy courts by extension — have not yet followed suit.[1]

Bankruptcy courts have historically prevented cannabis — and even cannabis-ancillary companies — from filing for protection under the

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Have Marijuana Residency Licensure Requirements Gone Up In Smoke?

For a variety of reasons, many states that have legalized recreational or medical marijuana have imposed residency requirements throughout their regulatory schemes, meaning that marijuana license holders, employers, and, in some cases, even consumers, must be residents of the state. However

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