In accordance with Ohio’s new adult-use marijuana legislation, applications for initial dual-use marijuana licenses will be made available by the Division of Cannabis Control (DCC) on its website no later than this Friday, June 7 – a historic day in the state.

The first licenses to be issued will not be available to the general public but will be issued only to currently licensed medical marijuana cultivators, processors, laboratories, and dispensaries.
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On January 29, 2024, the Ohio Division of Cannabis Control (DCC) released the first package of proposed rules (Regulations) to govern the state’s emerging legal cannabis market. The Regulations cover the Ohio marijuana license application process and also remove and rescind certain fees.

When will initial applications be made available?

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On January 8, 2024, the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services (Cabinet) published its long-anticipated first proposed set of medical marijuana regulations. These proposed regulations set forth the operating requirements for various types of operators within the program (including cultivators, processors, producers, and dispensaries), and rules for cannabis transportation

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While States Continue to Regulate Employers’ Right to Refuse to Hire, Discipline, or Terminate Employees Based on Their On- and Off-Duty Marijuana Use, Some Legal Tools Remain for Maintaining Drug-Free Employees and Workplaces.
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As Ohio’s medicinal marijuana industry grows and the public’s attitude towards marijuana continues to improve, various organizations and lawmakers have begun to lay the groundwork to – at long last – legalize adult use cannabis in Ohio in 2023. 
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With an increasing number of states passing laws protecting employees who utilize marijuana, employers throughout the country are presently tasked with redesigning their marijuana-related policies and practices to avoid the (significantly increased) risk of suffering discrimination, retaliation, and other costly claims. With many relevant state laws going into effect throughout the next twelve months, the clock is ticking.
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In late October, the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) sent comprehensive License Application Forms to more than six hundred medical marijuana industry hopefuls throughout the state. The deadline to apply for one of Alabama’s 12 cultivator, four processor, four dispensary, five “integrated facility,” secure transporter, and state testing laboratory licenses is December 30, 2022.
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We often look to the federal judiciary as the gold standard of American jurisprudence. However, when it comes to the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, the federal judiciary has been anything but consistent.
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On its face, it appears to be counterintuitive: United States federal courts recognizing and enforcing workplace rights for employees working in an illegal industry. After all, we would not expect a judge to lend a sympathetic ear to the employee of an arms trafficker or an interstate fraud ring. However

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